HAAS Diamond Gloss Brush

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Haas Diamond Brushes are a horse girl's best friend! The Diamond Gloss Brush features soft, densely packed horse hair bristles that capture dust and leave behind a brilliant glossy coat. Excellent finishing brush and wonderful for sensitive skinned horses. Thoughtfully designed with leather hand strap for added comfort. Durably crafted without the use of glue or nails - waterproof and shatter resistant body that is built to last. The chic and fun glitter design will make your grooming tote the envy of the barn!

Product Details:

  • Ultra soft finishing brush
  • Dense, soft natural horse hair bristles
  • Produces a brilliant glossy coat
  • Great for horses with sensitive skin or that are "flinchy" for grooming
  • Leather hand strap for added comfort
  • Durable design built to last - no nails or glue
  • Shatter resistant and waterproof body
  • Fun glitter design

Brand: Haas