Trial Policy & Returns

Another Turn Tack and Apparel


The professionals at Another Turn Tack and Apparel understand the need to try a saddle on your horse to verify proper fit and to ride in the saddle to determine comfort and correctness. To allow this accommodation with new as well as used and demo saddles, it is important to us that you assume responsibility for the saddle's condition and safe-keeping. The amount of saddle use allowed varies with new, used and demo saddles and is detailed in the following paragraphs. Please feel free to ask us for clarification.


  • We take full payment for the trial of the saddle(s) that you are taking out for trial. This will secure the funds on your card and affect your available credit limit. All shipping & handling charges are non-refundable.

  • Often you will have to sign for the package, so please provide us with an address where someone can be there to sign. 

    • The customer is responsible for insured freight to and from Another Turn Tack and Apparel.  Freight is not refundable. 

  • To return, please follow the return shipping instructions: 
    • Make sure the saddle is in the same condition as it was received.
    • Pack the saddle as it was when you received it 
    • Call the store to inform them of the return.  
  • The customer has 5 days upon receipt of the saddle to determine whether or not he or she is keeping the saddle. The five (5) day trial begins the day you pick up the saddle at the store or the day it arrives at your shipping address if shipped, not the day it mails from our store. By the fifth day, you must provide us with a tracking # if the saddle is shipping back, or have the saddle physically back in the store if you are hand delivering it to our store. This means you have a full five (5) day trial to test the saddle and evaluate the fit for you and your horse, even if you live thousands of miles away from our store.

  • Saddle returns will be charged a 3 % restocking fee. Additional Fees, if the saddle is not returned in the same condition that it left the store. Please see below which are outlined in the section below.



  • On new saddles we ask that you wrap your stirrup leathers with tube socks or another soft material, please no vetrap! Wear short riding boots ( no chaps or 1/2 chaps and please do not put leathers through the keepers contain them within the tube sock) .

  • Saddles returned with excessive wear are subject to usage surcharges.


  • The same rules as for new saddles apply to demo saddles.
  • If it is a used saddle please take caution as it must be returned in the same shape as it left us or there will be a surcharge for damages. We understand that the saddles will be girthed and expect to see billet marks.
  • Any saddle returned with excessive wear on the flaps, scratches in the leather or dings in the pommel, cantle or elsewhere will automatically be assessed a minimal 10% surcharge of the saddle value.