HAAS Country Brush Oiled wood natural Bristles

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Brand: Haas

Natural Body Brush with Boar Bristles

This natural body brush has an oiled wood back, strong—yet elastic—pure boar bristles and a leather strap. It is the perfect brush for horses with a stronger hair coat or for the colder time of year. Cleans and creates shine naturally. We recommend this brush for 4-Step-Grooming™: Step 3 - Finish (brush).

Boar bristle is one of the most effective bristles for cleaning your horse's coat effectively without scratching. The valuable natural bristle is also used in high-quality human hair brushes for their shine-inducing qualities.

How to use this brush:

  • Thoroughly curry your horse's coat
  • Follow up with a flick brush to remove coarser dirt or groom immediately with the Haas Country in long strokes

Size: 7.9 x 3.35 inches

Made in Germany