Amigo Walker

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Whether it's the horse walker, lunging, a leg-stretch or in-hand arena work, the Amigo® Walker (100g Light) is an indispensable garment for your horse’s comfort during exercise. This waterproof and breathable lightweight horse walker sheet is filled with a cozy fiberfill which takes the edge off temperatures, keeps their muscles warm and keeps the rain off their back.

Featuring an anatomical cutaway design to the front with a single strap closure system, the Amigo® Walker exercise sheet eliminates pressure points forming around the shoulders during exercise and offers extended freedom of movement. This rug provides good depth of coverage and features two crossed surcingle’s for an adjustable and secure fit and adjustable tail strap to keep the sheet from excessive movement in windy conditions. The shine-enhancing lining supports a healthy coat and prevents friction and rubbing.

A super addition for the mindful horse owner who wants reliable protection from the elements when working in hand.

Brand: Horseware Ireland